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Written by Jason Frye   
Thursday, 19 February 2009 15:57

Reach Your GoalsMany small business owners want to expand the reach of their products or services, but have no idea how to grab the attention of a global audience. Consider that there are literally over a billion webpages out there and the task of getting notice becomes even more daunting. How can a small business with a limited budget become noticed in a world full of other businesses looking to get noticed. It's not a simple task, and not an easy question to answer in one article. 

Marketing a business online means several things. It means: 

  • Creating a Good First Impression -- Your site is the first glimpse many people have of your business. If the design costs exceed your budget, find a way to amortize them out over a few months. We offer a flexible payment plan so you can have the site you want, designed the way you want, and pay for it as you go along. 
  • Building a Brand - This is the most challenging for small business owners who wish to have a national presence. It's about communicating, marketing, and aligning everything with one central idea -- your brand. How do you want people to think about your product? 
  • Being Available -- An online business needs to be transparent and available. A consumer wants speedy responses to their email inquiries, so they can move on with their life. Build a reputation for supporting customers via your website and email and those people will return, and likely mention your business to a friend. Ignore them and they will likely dissuade people from coming to your site and won't themselves.
  • Knowing your Strengths - A great business knows what makes it unique and stand apart from the competition. What is the oil in your business and what is the water? Can you build a site that showcases the strengths? 
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