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Computer AgeAccording to a Forrester Research report, online retail sales will increase approximately 11% in 2009 to a total of $156 billion. The online marketplace sees new businesses succeed on a daily basis. These successes translate to dollars on the bottom line. The jump from a brick and mortar store to an online business can be seamless. We have helped clients integrate payment modules, automatic shipping calculators, custom inscription functions, inventory logs, and so much more. The site become an extension of the physical store.

There are many things to consider before deciding to put your business’ products and services online. For instance, having a site built does not guarantee sales. Overhead costs of running a webstore come in at very little each month, compared to leasing or buying a building, hiring staff, etc. However, there’s still overhead and each business should consider how much product they need to sell in order to cover costs and make the business sing.

Many online stores need a regular influx of traffic to keep sales at an even pace. The traffic can come through online advertising, search engine optimization efforts, content building, link exchanges, email campaigns, or social media. The business owner should be prepared to handle these activities in order to garner traffic and the benefits of regular visitors.

We offer consulting on many of the aforementioned traffic sources, including social media, SEO and advertising. The online world doesn’t have to be a large and frightening place for a small business owner. In fact, it’s exciting in that fortunes are made everyday by people like you and me.

Deciding to sell online should be considered just as opening a new location. It will take time, effort, and resources to accomplish, but with the right mix of passion and industry the results can be magnificent.

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